Studio Session Tips
How To Prepare for Your Studio Vocal Recording Session

  1. Be On Time
    Please arrive 10-15 minutes early for your session so that way mic levels and any autotuning key adjustments can be made!
  2. Files
    Have your 2track mp3/wav or stem trackout files ready, this way the engineer/producer can start up your session quickly.
  3. Know Your Song In and Out, Practice, Rehearse and then Practice again for a few days or weeks before you book the recording session! Why? Because mostly all Studios charge by the hour, which is why you need to avoid more than 2 or 3 takes per part. Ideally, you and your fellow artist(s) will take no more than 2 to 3 takes each. You can save time and money by practicing before going into any studio. Some producers/engineers will gladly take your money and let you fail for hours, while the more understanding studios will kindly ask you to leave. However, sadly; none will let you practice in their studio for free. Practice vocal sessions include both crew/band practice and solo practice. Nobody wants to rehearse a song with an artist who does not know the layout of
    the song, the key, and scales for the solos, or the tempo changes. Write all the parts down, remember them, and learn the lyrics flawlessly.
  4. Self-Demos
    Doing demo sessions of your songs on your phones (Android or iPhone) can have many benefits and it can be very helpful and fun at the same time. 1st, you will get to hear what your final product will sound like, and you will be able to know where to adjust your tuning and tone settings accordingly. 2nd, you will have something to show to your producer/sound engineer who will get a better understanding of what you want to create for your song or what direction to go towards. Also getting opinions on how your sound and structure are coming along can help you reconsider some of the lyric decisions of your previous ideas. Last but not least, you will get some experience and insight into the vocal recording process. This will help you communicate better with your sound engineer/producer and speed up the recording process.
  5. Backups
    This by far is the most crucial part of your music, bring a USB portable drive with you to save your progress and session files!! Studios are not responsible for keeping your data progress! Why? Because they have many different sessions to deal with and they simply wipe out files to save space in their systems. Some studio owners might have cloud storage space for you but you might have to pay an extra fee. So, these are just some tips that will help you along the way to making your studio session more successful and meaningful!

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