● Artist + 3 guest Maximum = 4 people per session

● Please stay QUIET & keep your phones on SILENT during the


● Please do not bring disruptive guests that are not a part of the creative process, this may cause distractions to the Recording Artist and/or the Engineer during Recording. Avoiding delays will save

you time and money.

● Please exhibit professionalism and treat everyone with respect.

● Please do not touch/use the studio equipment or instruments

unless directed by the Engineer.

● You break it, You replace it. Any damages caused by

misuse, negligence, and carelessness will be charged to the


Food and Drink

● Food and drinks are only allowed only in designated areas.

● Any spills that cause damage to the studio or equipment will

be charged to the Client.


● Smoking e-pens and electronic vapes are allowed in the studio

area only, not inside the recording booth.

● Smoking cigarettes and/or other rollups you may have is allowed

outside in the rear entrance (at your own risk).

● Do not smoke in the bathroom

● Any fire or ash damage resulting from negligence and

carelessness will be charged to the Client


● Please make sure to clean up after yourself by placing – all trash

in the trash can provided.

● Please take any food waste with you when you leave the studio.

● Any food or trash left around the studio will result in a $30

cleaning fee charged to the Client

[ Tips Before Session ]

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