What is 100% Royalty Exclusives!!
In most terms means:
Exclusives, or exclusive rights for a beat, legally names the artist as the exclusive owner to use it in creating a ‘Master Recording’. It’s bound by contract and gives you as an artist full ownership of the beat to the extent that you will be the last person to purchase it.

How Much Do Exclusive Beats Really Cost?

Exclusive beats can range anywhere from $20 up to $1000 and beyond. But many of these beats are not truly “Exclusive Rights”. This is where the buyer needs to be careful and pay real close attention.

“Exclusive Beats” Are Not All Created Equal…

Some “exclusive beats” are not truly exclusive. Many of them have been leased before by numerous artists and other buyers. The option to buy the exclusive rights will still be available, but these beats aren’t truly exclusive… Why???

The definition for exclusive is: 

Restricted or limited to the person, group or area concerned.

This would mean that an exclusive beat is meant to be restricted or limited to the 1 buyer only. This is not the case if the exclusive rights are purchased for a beat or instrumental that has been leased or used before. If these beats have been leased before, even with the purchase of the exclusive rights, those who leased the beat before can still use it even after the exclusive rights are purchased.

True Exclusive Beats Will Usually Cost More

If you are looking for true 100% exclusive beats, they will usually cost more than any other option. The beat maker doesn’t make any money on these beats until they are sold, one time, exclusively. So, you can see why the price will be higher. But, the buyer is getting a beat that has never been leased or used by anyone else. The beat is theirs alone to use and they have full liberty to do whatever they want with it. They don’t have to worry about anyone else having access to it.

These types of beats are going to be the most expensive, but they also give the most value, control and options to the buyer. As they say, you get what you pay for. I have usually seen these beats start at around $399 and range up to $1000 online. Music producers who are established in the music industry have been known to charge much more than that.

Our true exclusive right stemmed beats range as low as $49.95 to $99.95. This includes the full exclusive rights, and you can even change/edit the beat’s composition and layout any way you want. In our opinion, since you are buying the beat outright, you deserve to have it exactly how you want it.

So Our Answer to Exclusive Beats Are listed Below!!!

Answer #1 – “Second Hand” Exclusive Rights

Most of us music producers and beat makers like to offer our beats with the option to lease the beat or to buy them exclusively. I did this for years… Gulity as F**k!!!

And why not?

It seemed like the best option for my benefit. People could lease them over and over which gives the producer profit over and over. But there was also the possibility that someone might purchase the exclusive rights and that really brought in the nice large profit. It’s the best of both worlds, right???

But there’s one problem with this. If someone purchases the “exclusive rights to a beat” that has been leased or used before, are they really getting the exclusive rights? Well, if we go by the definition of “exclusive rights”, then no they aren’t. Exclusivity is supposed to mean that whoever has that item is to be the only one with that item. “Exclusive Rights” goes hand in hand with “one”.

One User. Full Control. Sole Access.

So, technically, if the exclusive rights to a beat that has been leased or used before is purchased, it isn’t truly exclusive. If it has been leased before by other people, they still have rights to use the beat according to their lease agreement. On a positive note, the exclusive rights purchaser will prevent future leases and uses of the beat and they still will receive all of the files – Stemmed WAV Track Stems – that come with the exclusive rights purchase.

What I’ve described here is what I like to call “second hand exclusive rights”. And this is what is primarily found in the online beat selling industry. But there’s a better option!!! We made it available for you all!!!

Our Answer is #2 – True Royalty Free – 100% Exclusive Rights

Although rare, there are beat makers and producers out there that offer legitimate exclusive rights to beats. These are usually referred to as exclusive beats. I like to call them 100% Royalty Exclusive Beats. These exclusive beats are available only as exclusive rights. Because they aren’t available for lease ever, they are only purchased once exclusively to the buyer. This means that whoever purchases the beat will be the only artist, producer, band, group, or label who has access to the beat. No one else will have ever used it before and no one else will ever use it in the future. This is true exclusiveness of our product.

One purchase. You Have, Full Control & Sole Use of It.

This is important to artists, music/record labels and other people who purchase beats and instrumentals online. Most of them aren’t looking for beats that have been used countless times by other artists. They don’t want to use something that people have already heard before. They want something original!!!

We recently asked people, which are mainly music artists, and 80% of them said they are looking for full 100% exclusive beats. They are looking for something that is theirs to use and theirs alone. So now the question to you is: What do you want?

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